About us


The first letter "Z" is the last one of the 26 letters, which is the smallest one, and we should show it first with the smallest identity. Because we are the youngest, we should treat others with modesty attitude,Inclusive heart accepts others, earnest and cautious work, use the power of unity to develop the market.

From the "Z" to the top(to TOP), it will not be a difficult thing. All these are reflected in our Logo. Two different "T" and two different "O" stands for talents of various personalities and different industries joining.

We all embraced them with a strong sense of tolerance, and we tapped more glittering points on them to be our core competitiveness. In the end we must be able to reach the top, and the team is closely linked.

"O" and "P" on the same line. This means that business from small to large. We must be humbly and prudent, unite with others, and use the power of being tolerant to gather people to make the products the pinnacle.

What makes our product unique?

Since 2015, We have considered doing cases of Quality, Powerful, Fashionable, and Competitive. Initially, we are also in question, But we have never changed the concept. We study the market and customer needs so that we can improve our products.

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